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Coloring the Panorama

Nev┼čehir at a bird's eye view.

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Cappadocia, August 30th 2012

"Your driver has come," Barbara's nephew (If I'm not mistaken.) told me while I was still sitting back in Barbara's garden, cherishing the last tastes of Barbara's full breakfast on my tongue, and my eyes searching for the proud cat who didn't need my photography.

I ran upstairs to grab my backpack. Luckily I had packed everything in already. I was supposed to check out. Barbara already promised me that I could use the bathroom downstairs when I return from the tour.

I put my backpack in the living room, and was about to rush into the mini van. "Do you have the keys?" Barbara's nephew asked.

"Ooops! Sorry. Luckily you reminded me."

That's a bad habit of mine. It's not the first time I forgot to return the room key upon checking out.

Being the first to be picked up, I got an extra tour wandering the alleyways of Goreme as my minivan picked up the other guests.

This is one of the views of the hotel, pension, whatsoever. It looks unique. However still, Kemal's Guesthouse is my best. Aside of everything I have described here, I liked my guesthouse, because it's within a walking distance to the bus station, restaurants, shops, etc. But, most important of all, the convenience of climbing to the rooftop and take a literally 360o view with nothing standing in between, that's most precious. After all, instead of what you look on the outside, it's what you feel in the inside that matters most. Don't you think so?

The alleyways were steep and narrow. There were paths just wide enough for one minivan, and in a tourist-high-season like this, minivan drivers' skill are put to the test. There was a point when my driver was forced to drive backwards, because the other driver who was facing head to head with our minivan refused to move backwards and give way for our minivan. Actually I have a snapshot of him stretching his head out of the window while yelling to my driver. Maybe he was behind schedule whereas there were still many guests to pick up. Phew. Tough. And yet, matters weren't at the worst until another minivan came rolling to our direction from behind.

"My name is Turgai," he introduced himself.

I was like, of course I know you are our tour guide.

I'm not sure how to spell the name. Anyway, the most appropriate job for Turgai does seem as tour guide. It sounds like a prophecy. And yes, he did serve a good tour guide. Better than yesterday's, to be honest.

Our first destination of the day was Nev┼čehir from where we enjoyed another breathtaking panorama.

Hereon let the pictures speak. Oh yeah, I couldn't wait to wear on my brand new shawl bought in Bursa for the first time.

I have several close ups.

Souvenir vendors contributed colors to the panorama around.

My day which had preceded with colorful balloons in the sky continued to be even more colorful.

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