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Rolling to Turpan

A blessing in disguise.

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Jiayuguan - Turpan, August 14th-15th 2012

My night train from Jiayuguan to Turpan was delayed for almost 2 hours. The most thing I regretted was if only I knew, I could have absorbed more of my beloved Jiayuguan. The good thing was, being delayed means that I won't need to get off the train early in the morning with my sleepy head. Getting up early in the morning is a sacrifice for me. I was also glad that Jiayuguan Railway Station that night was spacious enough to provide me 2 empty seats: one for my backpack, one for my butts. I could stretch my legs as far as I could. When you have been on Chinese trains, you'll know how precious this is.

Nevertheless, I didn't know that there was something greater to be grateful for until I woke up the next morning.

Oh, it's morning, I thought to myself. What a beautiful before-sunrise. G12, come here, please. (For safety sake, while in the train I never take out my 7D.)

Ah, why does the train turn away from the sun?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, again. Chinese train windows are always shut closed. Most often the windows aren't clean which makes a clear picture extremely rare. From this point on, I gasped at the wonder of mountain deserts. Before, all these were only on my TV's frame. Now, they are on my camera's frame. How great Thou art!

Let me assure you that under your bare eyes, the view is a thousand time more stunning than any of my pics.

If my train had not been delayed, by the time I pass this area, it would be still dark.

This is a close up of the mountain.

And then there was a part when the mountain dunes spread in layers of colors.

This is part of the line construction in the middle of the desert. How proud am I to be Chinese! But most of all, how proud am I that The One who scattered these sands with His hand and crafted the mountains with His breath calls me: "My child."

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