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September 2012

Xi'An, the Modern Side

In a grey summer.

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Xi'An, August 12th 2012

As it was Sunday, first thing, I looked for a church. Through the internet I had come across to a blog post about an event conducted in a Baptist church somewhere near my hostel. But the exact address wasn't mentioned. I searched here and there until I gave up. Oh well, a communist country this is.

Next thing to do: book a train ticket for tonight. My heart beat speeded up a bit at the thought of not getting a ticket. I might have to change my whole itinerary. Is this itinerary going to work?

The train ticket booking office which my hostel bragged to be just next to the hostel wasn't really "next to" and wasn't really an "office". The "office" was just a "booth".

After all the misfortunes yesterday, my heart leaped with joy when the train-ticket-booking staff replied that my desired ticket for the night was available. No more soft-beds but hard-beds. Okay, I should be grateful anyway. I also got my ticket for Turpan - Korla. Jiayuguan - Turpan was not available.

It turned out there were plenty train-ticket-booking offices all over Xi'An. Most of them had long queues. It's summer, high-season. Phew. Is my itinerary going to work? At the other booking offices I still couldn't get a ticket for next destination, Jiayuguan - Turpan. Ah, anyway I've got tonight's ticket for Jiayuguan. At least I'm sure to move on to Jiayuguan tonight, as planned. Let's make it one step at a time.

I walked to wherever my happy feet took me to. Here's the modern part of Xi'An. A business town it seemed. Shops and shopping centers every here and there. In spite of the gargling noises that assured me I was in China, this was a nice place to sit down and breathe the air.
Nǐ hǎo!

This is at the other side of the street. It seemed that life starts late here. Some shops were closed, some had just opened.

This restaurant aroused my curiosity. How good is the food? While other shops and restaurants were just about get to business, a long endless queue already lined up in front of this restaurant.

No worries, McDonald's is also available -- in case your tongue isn't into traveling as your feet are. Just don't expect the waiter to speak McDonald's language a.k.a. English.

Ah, how many times have I told you that I adore places like this where pedestrians' comfort is respected?

Since my hostel staff in Chengdu last year refused to book me my bus ticket and thus made me find my way myself, I became addicted to city buses. I just can't resist the temptation to get on and follow to whatever destination. I've never been to Xi'An. So to wherever the bus goes, it would be a new place for me. How would I find my way back? Oh, come on, this is not Jakarta. Just count how many bus stops there are. The bus stops' table is clearly written. Imagine, only with 1 yuan, you can tour the city to wherever! Isn't that a great deal?

Aha, call me stupid. I don't care. I've never seen a winding overhead bridge like this! Ndeso!

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