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Tashkorgan, August 21st 2012

Remember the last photo collage in my previous post about the landscape on Tashkorgan grassland? Too bad I couldn't get granddaughter and tagging along grandpa in one frame. Granddaughter seemed overwhelmed by the giant waterwheel. She refused to leave when her grandpa took her hand.

Interesting lady's hat, huh?

Come, let me show you the Old City Culture Wall.

You see the women dancing? You see their hats?

The ladies in previous photo didn't wear scarfs. But when they do, they will wear it over the hat, exactly like seen on this wall. I regret once again for not being quick to record the dance performance by the Tajik dancers.

Those are the same characters as the ones in Korla, at Iron Gate Pass. 丝绸古道 sīchóu gǔdào it says. Meaning: Ancient Silk Road.

I was curious by this scene. Honestly, I felt kind of horrific. So I checked out 拜火教仪式 bàihuǒjiào yíshì in the dictionary. "Zoroastrian Ceremony" it said. Wow... And yeah, Wikipedia mentioned that a ruined Zoroastrian temple is located near the ruins of the fortress. So... Tajik women wear scarfs not because they are Moslems, as I had thought. But, because they had been, wearing scarfs. Apparently so.

Back to the grassland. Ooops, sorry, Madame. Don't look at me like that.

This is my favorite. Life's good, isn't it?

The soldiers who watched the performance, were marching back, to base camp, I suppose.

They yelled out cheerfully as they marched. Something like, "Hoooeee haaaa, hoooeee haaaa, hoooeee haaaa!" And then someone made a spunky interlude, "Hoooeee haaaa... groookkk... groookkk... hoooeee haaaa!" Someone was gargling. Eeewww... In China -- as it seems to me -- a man is not a man, if he doesn't gargle. The harder, the manlier. More is it to a soldier. "Hoooeee haaaa... groookkk... groookkk... hoooeee haaaa... peuhhh...!" I wondered where did his sputum drop on. On his buddy's boot behind right when his buddy marched his leg forward, or in his buddy's palm in front right when his buddy swung his arm back? Eeewww...

My driver brought me to the market. Here's one snapshot.
Xiānshēng, xièxiè! Thank you, Sir, for smiling at me. Errr, at my camera? Okay... thank you.

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